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Modern Floor Covering was started in May of 1983 by Denny and Marcy Bryan in rural New Sharon, Iowa. Originally, Denny was just going to install floor covering. In fact, the name Modern Floor Covering, came from two work shirts that he still had from high school when he had worked for a store that had since gone out of business. After a few weeks of customers asking him to go with them to various carpet stores, he decided to look into the possibility of selling carpet and vinyl, as well as installing it. By August, the Bryan family moved to rural Montezuma and started a new showroom with about 288 square feet showroom space at Fun Valley Ski Area. Their first 'warehouse' that stored all the remnants was in the ski lodge, but had to be moved before ski season.  The showroom was about three miles out in the country on a gravel road.


By the next summer, a separate warehouse was added to stock several rolls of carpet. In 1985, a building became available on the edge of Montezuma that could consolidate day to day operations into one building.  Kitchen and bath cabinets were also added to the product mix by this time.


In 1985, the business was relocated from Fun Valley in Montezuma  to a building on the south side of Montezuma.  It opened for business in Montezuma in June of 1985.

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